Northwood Riding Club - It's taking part that counts!
The Committee

President                                                                    Jackie Barker
Vice President                                                         Amanda Hughes
Chairman                                                                        Pam Burch
Vice Chairman                                                                  Diane Hill
Treasurer                                                                         Diane Hill                                                       
Secretary (including membership and Stock Control)   Julie Chapman
Training                                                                    Tracey Bourne
External Comps LRC                                                      Tessa Baylis
External Comps Area 6 (non-committee)    Pam Burch/Julie Chapman
Internal Comps                                                       Michelle Maclean
Social Secretary                                                                 
Minutes Secretary                                                  
Welfare Officer                                                         
Fun Rides rep                                                               Renita Brady
Stockers rep                                                                Renita Brady                                         
Springwell rep   (non-committee)                                 Jackie Barker
Web site manager                                                        Renita Brady
Hoofprint (non-committee)News letter                          Kate Todd